Design, Development and Verification of Network Specific Intrusion Detection System (IPv4)
Guide: Prof. Sukumar Nandi, Professor, IIT Guwahati May-July 2010
           Dr. Santosh Biswas, Assistant Professor, IIT Guwahati
Keywords: IDS, ARP, ICMP

Worked on IDS to detect LAN based attacks exploiting vulnerabilities of various protocols namely
ARP and ICMP. Common attacks such as ARP Spoofing, MITM, ICMP port redirection, ICMP DOS,
ICMP data rate throttling (source quench), OS fingerprinting were targeted. Proposed various
enhancements (implementation), improvements and new algorithms to detect these attacks.

 Design, Development and Verification of  Network Specific Intrusion Detection System (IPv6)
Guide: Prof. Sukumar Nandi, Professor, IIT Guwahati
           Dr. Santosh Biswas, Assistant Professor, IIT Guwahati

Propose and implement detection mechanism for various LAN based attacks against ICMPv6 and NDP. IPv6 is vulnerable to legacy attacks in its IPv4 counterpart such as SMURF, LAND. Stateless Auto configuration suffer from DOS attack, Router Solicitation suffer from spoofing and many more known attacks are target. Also IPv6 being relatively unexplored ICMPv6 may have many new vulnerabilities.

Attacks on Transmission control protocol and their mitigation mechanisms            
Prof. Sukumar Nandi, Professor, IIT Guwahati

A Survey of various attacks against TCP and their known mitigation mechanisms. Development of Mitigation mechanism for Shrew attack and ICMP attacks against TCP is underway

Proxy Server and HTTP Pinger
Guide: T.Venkatesh, Assistant Professor, IIT Guwahati                                                   

Implemented a simple proxy server which supported HTTP Pipelining. Also programmed a HTTP based Pinger which used HTTP instead of regular ICMP packets.

PintOS, Enhance an Educational Operating System                                                                               
Guide: Dr. Jatindra Kr. Deka, Assoc. Professor, IIT Guwahati
Keywords: Operating System, Kernel

With the aim of enhancing OS kernel of PINTOS (Developed by Stanford USA), following features were added to the bare bone kernel :
  • Kernel Level multithreading using synchronization primitives like locks, semaphores and monitors
  • Multilevel feedback queue scheduler, scheduling jobs based on priority
  • File system with up to 2 level indexing of file blocks file and directory locking
  • System Calls like read, write, exec, fork, wait
  • Memory management system including demand paging (using a 2 level page
    table structure), multiprogramming and virtual memory

Design and Implementation of 4 bit CPU using Micro programmed control
Guide: Dr. S. B. Nair, Associate Professor, IIT Guwahati

4-bit Microprocessor, EPROMS, ALU

Design and realization of a 4-bit Microprocessor with 256 x 4 bit RAM, ALU and Register set based on micro-programmed control. To be micro-programmed using EPROMS. The CPU uses 4 bit data bus and 8 bit address bus to implement 16 basic Arithmetic, Logic and Control Instructions like LOAD, STORE, CALL, RETURN, CONDITIONAL & UNCONDITIONAL JUMP, MOVE, MULTIPLICATION.

A 2-pass Assembler , and 2-pass loader
Dr. Santosh Biswas, Assistant Professor, IIT Guwahati 
Keywords:Assembler, Loader

Programmed a 2-pass assembler and 2-pass loader for Intel 8086 machines using C++ . This was done to understand the working of assembler and loader. The final machine code generated was simulated on 8086 simulator.

igital Fortress

: Cryptography, Reverse engineering, Stenography

Developed a platform for Digital Fortress, an online hacking event under Techniche 09 (Technical Fest of IIT  Guwahati). The platform developed tested varied skill set such as network programming, cryptography, reverse engineering, PHP vulnerabilities, Stenography, Cross-site Scripting. It is a web based interface which received a huge participation from around the country.

BTP Automation
Dr. Santosh Biswas, Assistant Professor, IIT Guwahati

: Web interface, PHP, MYSQL, JSP,CSS

Automation of Slot distribution for BTech Project presentations, using a simple and easy to use web interface was developed using PHP, MYSQL, JSP, HTML & CSS.

Perl-Based Text Processor                                                                                                                  
Dr.Santosh Biswas, Assistant Professor, IIT Guwahati

Perl, Double Metaphone

Developed a Perl based text processor with features such as spell check, spell suggestions and text search. Spell suggestion module was build using phonetic based algorithms (Double Metaphone in particular).



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