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Umit Project

Guide: Luis Bastiao Silva, Developer Umit Project

Umit Project started as GUI for Nmap and was known as Umit Network Scanner.
Now Umit boosts of having Packet Manipulator, Bluetooth sniffer, Bluetooth Scanner,
Umit's Manipulations of Packets Art(UMPA) among others. The code is mostly written in python.

As a student of Umit Summer of Code (USOC 2010) i successfully integrated Bluetooth Sniffer with Packet Maniulator. I also contributed a plug-in to Umit Network Scanner (
Recommendation letter)

I am know as "ganja" in open source community.

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This project was started by Prof. Luca Deri, University of Pisa and aims at high speed packet capture. So far i have contributed documentation (See blog) and presently involved in development of Python Wrapper for PF_RING API.

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